What's for Breakfast?

October is granola month here at Second Breakfast, and we start things off with another no-recipe recipe

Happy Monday! And welcome to October! What's for breakfast?

It’s another no-recipe recipe today, as we kick off a month’s worth of granola recipes.

Granola typically contains oatmeal, which means many influencers are apt to sound the wellness-klaxon — “it’ll spike your glucose!” — about this popular breakfast cereal. Others will caution that because the grains are mixed with a sweetener — eek! — and oil — let’s not even get started on the whole “seed oil” drama — before being baked, that it’s not that great a way to start your day. It’s high in calories! High in fat!

That is to say, it’s a meal that might just fill you up (until it’s time for second breakfast), particularly when you add milk or yogurt. Granola is also fairly portable, hence the ubiquitous pre-packaged cups of it for sale at Starbucks and the like — one that signals “healthy choice,” I guess, when the other options for sale include muffins the size and weight of a softball.