What's Good?

Live from New York, it's the week's food and fitness technology news

Happy Friday! What's good? Me, I'm waking up in a new apartment in a new city, having to figure out which box the movers put the tea kettle, the French press, and the mugs. (They weren't packed together in the same box because that would make too much sense.) Then I have to wander around the neighborhood, trying another location for bagels and/or SEC sandwiches (or, as it's Friday, donuts). Rough life.

All this means, of course, that things will hopefully soon settle down for me, and I can get back to more reading and thinking and writing and less sitting and fretting and driving (backseat driving, but still exhausting and not terribly conducive to work).

First NYC breakfast, from Liberty Bagels, but I got a sausage egg and cheese on a roll. Kin did get the bagel, and it was not as good as Boichik Bagels, he reports...

In food news: Laura Thomas continues her series on "Helping Kids build a Good Relationship with Sugar."  "Is guilt free meat possible?" asks The Washington Post.  "How hot dog contestants went from eating 10 to 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes." From the Snack Stack Substack: "In Search of Van Halen's Brown M&Ms." Cafe Anne gives us "the NYC Bagel Diet" (which my husband will surely follow). "Pink lemonade’s origin story begins with a disgruntled circus clown." “Mother Sauce” by Marian Bull.  From Culture Study: "The Fascinating History of Feminist Restaurants."

This week in sports: Sally Jenkins writes about Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova's long, long relationship, on and off the tennis court. Another story about trauma at the hands of a coach: this one is Katherine Touhey’s and the abuse from her swim coach. What a bummer for Ethiopian runner Senbere Tefer, who followed the police motorcycle down a wrong turn during the 2023 Peachtree Road Race.

Yours in struggle,