What's Good?

It's race week for me (and for all the runners at the World Athletics Championships) as fall race season kicks off

Happy Friday! What’s good?

Tomorrow is my first race of the fall race season — Grete's Gallop in Central Park. It'll be my second 10K race ever, and while (of course) I'd like to PR, I'm not expecting to as 1) humidity and 2) hills. As a new runner, I'm still improving, but as an aging runner, I realize that I'm not going to get much faster before I start getting much slower. As such, I read this piece by Emily Oster on using data to "compete with your younger self" with interest. That said, I do believe it's worth finding things to enjoy other than "data" or speed or even competition. And right now, I can hardly think about enjoyment as I’m just nervous as hell about competing on Saturday, as it'll be my first Big Race in New York too.

“Nothing new on race day," they say, so I’ll be baking some of the "superhero" muffins from Elyse Kopecky and Shalane Flanagan's Rise and Run this afternoon as these have served me well in the races I’ve run so far. I will eat one for breakfast before I head over to the park. I’ll hydrate hydrate hydrate and then find a port-a-potty as soon as I arrive at the starting line. I'll down a quick caffeinated-carbohydrate "gel" before the starting gun too. The whole athlete-fuel-industrial-complex has been top of mind this week as I have been testing a bunch of different pre- and post-workout bars, all promising energy! endurance! performance! As a "texture eater," I'm fascinated (and mostly, to be honest, repulsed) by foods engineered to be eaten, quite literally, on the move. Story TK.

As I've been psyching myself up to run really fast, I've been watching with wonder and admiration the athletes competing at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest. I have taken to heart the advice of Coach Bennett (IYKYK) and, as a new runner, I am now also a new fan of the sport, a supporter of all the others participating in it. I am 100% here for Sha'Carri Richardson — the world's fastest woman — and for Faith Kipyegon, who is on one helluva world-record setting streak. And damn, did you see Athing Mu’s shoes?!?!

But while I'm "here for it," many big-name sports publications do not seem to be there at all. There's no coverage of track & field in The Athletic. There's nothing on the home page of Sports Illustrated. And okay, I'm new to the sport. But what gives? (If you know the back story here, let me know!)

Elsewhere in sports and movement: "Track and Field's future uncertain due to climate change." I’m a morning person, so grain of salt, but I’d sure support all races starting before the sun comes up during summer months. I mean, by Sunday’s 8am start time, it is already going to be too warm. Speaking of brain melting, Jack Mirkinson writes about banning trans women from chess. "Tits Out Under the Verrazzano" — on Leslie Hamilton's swim around Staten Island.  The New York Times on the 40+ Double Dutch Club. "The Hottest New Office is the Gym," says The Wall Street Journal.  "He learned football on YouTube in Africa. Can he make an NFL roster?" asks The Washington Post.  "Cheating allegations in D.C. Little League put high-powered parents at war." This story, also from the world of running, is pretty wild: "A positive test, an infamous burrito and a running career in purgatory."

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The wellness hustle: "New study reveals the placebo effect of just saying a medical treatment is personalized.” "The Taylor Swift Wellness Connection." "We Know Where New Weight Loss Drugs Came From, but Not Why They Work." This seems important (and something I think about as I write about health / food / fitness / technology): “Healthy eating curriculum may contribute to eating disorders in kids.”

The week in cottage cheese news which is totally a thing now because everyone keeps writing about it: "Cottage Cheese Bread Has 50% More Protein — And It's Super Easy to Make at Home." "5 Legit Reasons Cottage Cheese is Having a Moment, According to Dietitians." "This cottage cheese ranch is on-trend and delicious, too." "Mozzarella, Feta, Ricotta, Cottage: Which cheese the healthiest?"

Elsewhere in the wellness food hustle: "TikTok suggests eating Rice Krispies Treats before a workout. Does it work?" "Bacon 'Bread' Is A Savory Substitute To Upgrade Your Sandwiches."

In other food news: The reviews are in for Wendy's new breakfast sandwich. And the reviews are in for Eggo’s boozy “brunch in a jar.” Via Bloomberg: "Cow-Free Dairy Wants to Beat the Fake Foods Curse, But First…Those Prices."  On the history of Brussels sprouts. The Atlantic tells us "Why We Drink What We Drink." "How Athletic Beer Won Over America." "The Price of Sauce" — The Atlantic on Campbells' acquisition of Raos. "I try synthetic salmon and enter the 'uncanny valley' of taste." What if we put ads in fortune cookies? Crains wonders. “How Does Kristen Kish Feel at the Top of ‘Top Chef’? It’s Complicated.”