What's Good?

The week's food and fitness technology news, or some of it since I'm RVing across the country

Greetings from Wyoming, my home state. "I think I drove through there once," folks often say when I tell them where I'm originally from. That said, I am not from the I-80 corridor, so unless you turned north at Cheyenne and took I-25 and then Highway 26 towards Yellowstone, it's unlikely you drove through my hometown. Apologies if, in fact, you have.

Utah was just stunningly beautiful yesterday, and I joked to Kin that things would turn desolate once we crossed into Wyoming. Instead (or additionally?) the sky turned very ominous...

As I'm on the road (again and for a while), I am not entirely up-to-date on all the goings-on in the world of health and fitness and food. I had, cellphone signal permitting, been trying to check the news, but it seems as though all that happened was something about The Submersible. Certainly, there is plenty to say about our fixation on what rich people do (and always, it appears, at the expense of saying something about other stories) and these sorts of luxury adventure tours — something, I'd argue, intertwined with rich people's optimization-hustle. But honestly with all the packing and moving and driving, I don't know if I have anything smart to say about any of it.

Elsewhere in sport: "Is the Army’s New Tactical Bra Ready for Deployment?" asks The New Yorker's Patricia Marx. "Kids Need More Places to Play, Not Fat Shaming," say the editors of Scientific American, and they’re not wrong . "Why Tyrell Terry walked away from basketball," via The New York Times. This is me, taking notes: "How to Exercise When It’s Humid." The Slate take: "When the pain of exercise becomes greater than the benefits of the exercise itself."

This week in food and food technology: Impossible Foods faces some scrutiny over its patents. "Do Old People Need Less Food?" asks Virginia Sole-Smith in her latest Burnt Toast Q&A. (She also has some smart analysis of the recent news about the AMA's new stance on the BMI.) "Liquid Death is a mind-set. And also just canned water." "‘Lunch of suffering’: plain ‘white people food’ goes viral in China." "A history of 'the ice cream of the future'." Tony the Tiger is woke, or something that conservatives now feel compelled to boycott. Padma Lakshmi on leaving Top Chef.

Truck stop coffee — this one from a Flying J in Nevada, I believe — was not terrible. Kin and I are sampling all sorts of breakfast foods and drinks along I-80. Stay tuned for an essay on that...

In health and health technology news: "How a Toilet Plunger Improved CPR." Anne Helen Petersen gives us some "real fibroid talk." According to Politico, "Ozempic, Wegovy-maker hires lobbying firm to push for Medicare coverage." "There's no ‘right’ way to lose weight (says the person who did it ‘right’),” writes Mikala Jamison.

That's all I got. Driving across the country is exhausting. (And I'm not even the one driving.)

Yours in struggle,