What's for Breakfast?

It's the last week of "granola month," and we're making scones... Roxana Juliapat's granola scones

Happy Monday! What’s for breakfast?

It’s the last Monday of October, and as such, it’s time for the last granola recipe. (The others: my no-recipe recipe, Wordloaf’s sourdough granola, a savory sourdough granola snack, and an iron-rich granola bar.)

This week’s recipe is the granola scone from Roxana Juliapat’s cookbook Mother Grains.1 Indeed, this recipe is the reason I bought this cookbook. Bon Appetit published it back in 2021, and — big scone and big granola fan here — I thought it looked amazing. The chapters of the cookbook focus on, as the name suggests, seven key grains: barley, buckwheat, corn, oats, rice, rye, sorghum, and wheat. It ended up on a lot of the “best of 2021” lists and was a finalist for a James Beard award; and its publication coincided with my commitment to breakfasts (and second breakfasts). That said — as is far too common with cookbooks I buy, sadly — I made, like, one thing from it (not even the granola scones!) and then sort of forgot about it.

That one thing, mind you, was Juliapat’s “Friends and Family Granola,” which I have made a lot. And initially, I thought that would be the recipe I’d share with you today. Then, a couple of weeks ago Lukas Volger published the recipe for her “power oat bars” in his newsletter, and I remembered those beautiful granola scones. I bought whole flaxseed and pepitas and dates and golden raisins (etc) and whipped up a batch, and oh hell yeah — totally worth it.